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10+6 symbols from printable into control

Root and fraction (2)

Impossibility to write commonly used formulas with root and fraction in textual file looks poorly, archaically too. But symbols 'root' and 'fraction' exist! Why nobody guess to interprete them as control symbol.

Thus expression "(a+b+c)\(d+e)" should be displayed as , expression "a(b+c)" - as .

Brackets and integral (8)

It's obviously, that brackets and mark of intergral are control symbols too: opening brackets (, [, {, marks of integrals (simple and circula) are equal to next symbol by height, and closing brackets ), ], } are equal to previous symbol by height.

New brackets (6)

I propose three new brackets: "quanket" (quantum brackets) are already used, "stanket" (stand brackets, stand for egg) and "hypket" (hyper-brackets) are added, because modern conceptual constructions are complex and consist from repeated enclosures, and old brackets are not enough.

Dmitry Turin,, PGP

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